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Free to you as an organizer by passing on the service cost.

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  • All features
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€ 0,45 - 0,99
+ 3% per ticket sold

  • Free for organizer
  • Discount for tickets < € 10,00
  • Gratis ticketscanners
  • No contract or start-up cost
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  • Adjusted prices
  • Own gateway
  • API integration
  • Customized solutions

Looking for a ticketing partner?

We know all too well that choosing a ticketing partner is not easy. Therefore, we have already created a blog post that can further help you make the right choice.

Blog : 5 key considerations for choosing a ticketing partner

Now you get these extra benefits for free:

Pass on the service cost

Pass the processing cost on to your customers and our platform actually becomes free of charge for you. The choice is yours.

Free tickets are free of charge

We never charge a processing fee for sending or distributing free tickets. Useful for invitations to sponsors or partners.

Cheaper tickets

If the ticket price is less than 10 euros, we automatically deduct a discount from our processing fee.

Customer Care

Support is everything. We are truly available to you and your ticket buyers in a variety of ways for questions or problems.

Professionele scanners

Reserve our professional scanners for free from 250 tickets sold. This way you don't have to rent extra equipment and you save costs without compromising security.

No contract and startup costs

Because we love no-bullshit and absolute transparency. We trust that the quality of our service speaks for itself.

Calculate the service cost

Simulate how much our service cost is to your ticket price. You choose whether to pass it on to your ticket buyers.

Ticket price
Service cost € 0.98*
  • No payment fees
  • Free scanners
  • No additional costs
  • All features
Ticket buyer paid€ 5.98
You will receive€ 5.00
* service fee including 21% VAT

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