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5 key considerations for choosing a ticketing partner

Event planning

Selecting a ticketing partner is crucial for the success of any event. We will highlight what you need to consider in your decision.

5 strategies to make your event unforgettable

Event planning

In this blog, we share five pivotal strategies to elevate your event.

Smooth access control at your event

Event planning

On the day of your event, you want everything to proceed as smoothly as possible, including access control.

The pros and cons of an online ticketing tool

Event planning

Why an online ticketing tool is essential for your event.

Why EventSquare is essential for your event

About us

A guide for organizers

EventSquare secures €550.000 in funding

About us

We are bursting with excitement as EventSquare takes a giant leap forward by securing an incredible €550.000 in funding. Here's what this means for our company.