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All-in-one solution for professional ticketing.

Save time, generate revenue and make an impression with professional ticket sales and reliable access control.

  • Unlimited ticket types

    Create as many ticket types as you want, at any time. From Early Bird to VIP, you can easily adjust the prices and categories.

  • Secure payments

    You don't have to worry about payment fraud. EventSquare offers a wide range of secure payment methods, including Bancontact, Payconiq, iDeal, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, KBC / CBC, Belfius Direct, ING Homepay, ... So you can be sure that your payments are safe and easy.

  • Publish your tickets when you want

    Choose for yourself when your ticket types are visible and available. With the automatic countdown clock, it's even easier to publish your entire ticket store on time.

  • Sell more than just tickets

    Offer your guests more than just admission tickets. You can easily sell vouchers for drinks, food, parking, merchandise, and more.

  • Send free and paid invitations

    Easily send unlimited free or paid invitations to your guests, employees, artists or partners. You can send individual or group invitations.

  • No service fees for free tickets

    At EventSquare you never pay service fees for free tickets. Not through the online store, not through free invitations. This way you save on costs and your guests can participate in your event without any extra costs.

  • Advanced reporting and statistics

    Monitor your sales closely with our extensive statistics and reports. Discover who your target audience is, what their interests are, what the conversion is, how often is scanned, and compare this data with that of other events.

  • Flexible service fees

    For each ticket type you can choose whether you pass on the service costs to the ticket buyer or whether you absorb them in the ticket price. This way you can decide for yourself how much you want to earn from your event.

  • Kickback fee

    Increase your revenue by setting an optional kickback fee for each ticket type. This is an additional surcharge that is added to the service costs for the ticket buyer. Or set a kickback fee to determine the service cost that the ticket buyer pays to recover part of the costs.

  • Fast and easy checkout

    Keep your conversion high with our fast and easy check-out. Only a few details are required so that your ticket buyers can quickly buy their tickets and get on with their day. Of course you can still ask for additional information if you want.

  • Refunds and rebookings

    With our system you can perform refunds in a few clicks for customers who are entitled to a refund. This is done completely automatically, you do not have to carry out or follow up transfers. Blocking tickets is also easy. If a performance cannot take place, you can easily rebook to another performance. The system will automatically transfer the tickets and make the necessary refunds if necessary.

  • Copy events

    With one click you can copy a previous event and build on it for a new edition. This saves time and allows you to build on a strong foundation.

  • Collect data per visitor

    You can determine per ticket type whether you want the first and last name of each person and not just the buyer. Tickets cannot be downloaded by the ticket buyer until the personalization is complete.

  • Add extra questions

    You can add extra questions (text field, drop-down menu, ...) that ticket buyers must or must not fill in before they can download their tickets. By asking these questions after the check-out, you avoid losing ticket buyers who don't feel like long forms.

  • Delayed download

    Decide when your tickets can be downloaded and prevent resale. This way, you ensure your tickets stay in the hands of real fans.

  • Sell tickets through different sales channels

    You can create additional sales channels, such as a store, each with a separate link and set which ticket types are available or add custom personalization (for example, a store for a partner or sponsor). In the reporting you can perfectly follow up which tickets have been sold through which sales channel.

  • Mobile app for organizers

    With our mobile Organizer app you always have the status of your ticket sales at hand. You get a clear insight into sales, turnover and can quickly send tickets back to your ticket buyers.

  • Peak sales with queue

    Thanks to the automatic scaling of our infrastructure, we can perfectly handle peak sales. Your visitors are automatically put in the queue when it is busy and you can easily keep them informed during the wait via notifications.

  • Shows and time slots

    If you sell tickets for an event that takes place at different times, you can use 'Shows' and let your ticket buyers choose from a calendar or a time slot during the reservation. For each show you can determine which ticket types are available, with or without a custom limit and / or price.

  • Personalizing tickets

    You can add a visual, accent color and any additional information to each ticket type. This way you can implement the house style of your event and the necessary practical information is available to the ticket buyer.

  • Extensive personalization of stores

    With our solution for extensive personalization of stores, you can fully customize your ticket store to the house style of your event. Add text, images or videos to the description of your event and adjust the cover photo, background image, logo and theme color so that everything seamlessly matches the appearance of your event.

  • Color picker

    Your ticket sellers will feel right at home in your ticket shop! Upload your visuals, and our color picker will automatically select your branding colors. Effortlessly choose your accent color.

  • Printed tickets

    If you still need physical tickets, you can contact us for more information about our hardcopy cards. These printed tickets are fully customizable on the front and back and are delivered to you. We provide the QR code and possibly the serial number. The hardcopy cards can be scanned perfectly with our app or scanners.

  • Weekly payouts to your bank account

    Link your bank account to your account and request payouts. You can choose to have the payments transferred automatically weekly, monthly or quarterly.

  • Import barcodes

    If you have already had your own tickets printed or if you are switching from another ticketing partner, we will ensure that these barcodes are imported into our system and can be scanned neatly via our app or scanners.

  • Export barcodes

    If you want to have tickets printed yourself or if you want to make exclusive VIP tickets, for example, and need barcodes for this, we can provide these barcodes to you so that you can get started.

  • VAT reporting

    If your organization is liable for VAT, you can set a VAT rate per ticket type or voucher. This way your ticket buyer will see the applied rate on his payment receipt or invoice and your financial reports are immediately broken down, which makes it a lot easier for your accounting.

  • Invoicing module

    With the invoicing module you give your business customers the opportunity to receive a correct purchase invoice immediately with their purchase. Each invoice has a unique sequential number and complies with all other legal requirements. You can neatly slide these invoices into the accounting, so that you no longer have to create them manually.

  • Customize email confirmation

    Add extra information and images to the confirmation that ticket buyers receive by email. For example, you can add information about the location or the program of the event.

  • Point of Sale application

    With our Point of Sale application you can sell tickets and place orders at the counter. You can print these orders immediately or send them by email to the ticket buyer.

  • Add attachments to tickets

    Add an extra page to your ticket buyer's e-tickets. You can add attachments to certain ticket types or for each reservation.

  • Multi-language support

    We support the Dutch, French and English languages as standard in our ticket shops, but we also offer the possibility to add content such as ticket names, descriptions and texts in all these languages.

  • Free professional scanners

    If you sell 250 tickets, you can use our professional scanners for free. These scanners are waterproof and equipped with a laser-guided 2D/1D barcode scanner and 4G connection. We will also send you a return label so that you can return them free of charge after your event. If you need extra scanners, you can easily rent them.

  • Mobile Scan app

    Download our free app if you have a smaller event or don't need professional scanners. This allows you to scan tickets via your smartphone's camera. Our app is available in the App Store and via Google Play.

  • Scan keys

    Create and manage different scan keys effortlessly. Set up your access management the way you want and choose where and which ticket types can be scanned.

  • Monitor real-time visitor numbers

    Track visitor numbers in real-time with our scan app, Organizer app and admin panel. This way you always keep your finger on the pulse and can respond quickly to changes.

  • Scan reports

    With our comprehensive scan reports, you can instantly see how many and which tickets have been scanned. This gives you a clear view of your access management.

  • Box Office

    We offer hardware and software for box office sales during your event. With our Box Office you can create tickets, register cash or electronic payments and optionally print tickets. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

  • Badge printing

    In combination with our Box Office system, we offer personalized badge printing at the entrance of your event. You can even have company information or table numbers printed on the badges. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

  • Seated ticketing

    For events where numbered seats are used, we are happy to digitize the seating plan. This way you can assign the ticket types to specific places and your guests can choose their seats themselves when purchasing. The seating information is of course also stated on the tickets.

  • Choose your own seat

    By default, your guests can choose their own seats when purchasing tickets. However, you can also choose to indicate that no empty seats can be left.

  • Automatic seat assignment

    To make optimal use of the available seats, we offer the possibility to automatically assign the best available seat with each new reservation. We do this using a smart algorithm that takes into account the Point of Interest (for example the stage).

  • Temporarily reserving seats

    With our POS you can easily block seats that you do not want to make temporarily available or that cannot be used for technical reasons.

  • Coupons

    A coupon is a unique code that can be used once or several times to get a certain discount on one or more ticket types.

  • Vouchers

    A voucher is a unique code that can be used once to add a certain ticket type to the shopping cart, free of charge or with a certain discount.

  • Group tickets

    Create a ticket type that gives access for multiple people, such as friends or family. As an organizer, you can choose whether the ticket buyer gets one ticket for the whole group or whether an individual ticket is created for each person.

  • Reduced rates

    Automatically add a discount as soon as the ticket buyer adds a certain number of tickets to his shopping cart. This is a great way to encourage people to buy more tickets.

  • Hidden ticket types

    Let your ticket buyers get exclusive access to certain ticket types when they already have a number of tickets in their shopping cart

  • Buy one, get one free

    Automatically add one or more free tickets or vouchers when the ticket buyer orders a certain number of tickets.

  • Google Analytics 4

    Link your Google Analytics tracking property and our ticket store will automatically add the link. We not only keep track of the number of page views, but also when a visitor adds something to his shopping cart, goes to the check-out and the conversion when the reservation is completed.

  • Facebook Pixel

    Connect your Facebook Pixel to our ticket store and we'll take care of the rest. We not only track the number of page views, but also when a visitor adds items to his shopping cart, goes to the check-out and when the reservation is successfully completed.

  • TikTok Pixel

    Integrate your TikTok Pixel with our ticket store and the link will be set up automatically. We not only track the number of page views, but also when a visitor adds products to the shopping cart, starts the check-out and when the reservation is completed.

  • Mailchimp

    Link your Mailchimp account and push customer data to your audiences so you can easily create campaigns for your ticket buyers.

  • Embed in own website

    Use our plugin to seamlessly and especially responsively embed your ticket store into your existing website. So you don't have to write any <iframe> code.

  • Webhook

    Are you developing something? Add a URL that we call with every purchase, so you can anticipate this in your own application.

  • API

    Our platform is fully API-centric, so as a developer you can get started building your own interfaces or applications. Contact us for more information and to create your API key.

  • Always at your service

    Our personal account managers are always available to help you set up your ticket store and answer your questions by phone, email or chat.

  • 24/7 Technical support

    Our systems are intuitive and robust thanks to our years of experience and continuous updates. If you do get stuck, we are available 24/7 for technical support in case of emergencies.

  • Custom solutions

    Thanks to our API-centric structure and more than 15 years of experience as a software developer, we can develop and realize flexible and affordable custom solutions for your unique ticketing solution.

  • Recover / resend tickets

    Ticket buyers can safely and automatically receive their tickets again via our website.

  • Change registration or personalization

    Ticket buyers can adjust their registration or personalization 24/7 via our website, such as their seat or names on the ticket.

  • Multiple administrators with custom rights

    Add unlimited number of administrators and limit their access rights within the platform.

  • Export data

    All data you collect through us remains yours. You can export and download all data at any time when you need it. We do not use or sell this data.