About us - September 27, 2023

Why EventSquare is essential for your event

A guide for organizers

Are you an event organizer responsible for setting up and coordinating top-tier events? If so, EventSquare is your go-to partner! EventSquare is more than just an online ticketing system. It offers you the innovative tools that are crucial to transform your event and excel in your industry. Discover in this blog more reasons why EventSquare is an indispensable companion for events like yours:

Boundless ticketing options

At EventSquare, it's all about choice. Every event is different, which is why EventSquare provides you with a range of ticketing options that perfectly match your needs. Whether you want to offer different access levels, numbered seating, exclusive early bird packages, or special arrangements, EventSquare equips you with the tools to make your creative vision a reality.

Reach us 24/7

Whether you're a seasoned organizer or just starting out, sometimes you need a helping hand. EventSquare is ready with 24/7 technical support to answer your queries and guide you through any challenges.

Simple and secure payments

We understand the importance of secure payments. Your attendees can confidently purchase tickets, knowing that their financial details are safe. This not only ensures satisfied visitors but also strengthens trust in your event.

Hassle-free access control

Say goodbye to entry hassles! EventSquare makes access control a breeze. Moreover, you even get complimentary access scanners if you sell 250 tickets. This means a streamlined entry procedure and happy faces on both you and your attendees.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Collaboration is the key to successful events. With EventSquare, you can effortlessly collaborate with your team members on the same platform, making communication and task distribution easier than ever.

Boost your marketing

Marketing is the key to attracting the right audience. With EventSquare, you can seamlessly integrate marketing tools and put your event on the map like never before.

Convenience for you and your attendees

EventSquare offers self-service options that benefit both you and your attendees. They can easily book tickets themselves, select seats, and make changes, ensuring a smooth and personalized experience.

In conclusion, EventSquare isn't just a ticketing platform. It's an essential tool for organizers like you to bring events to life and make your job easier. With its versatile features, user-friendliness, and reliability, EventSquare simplifies event organization.

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